Emotions Unveiled: What Does The Bible Say About Feelings?

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What does the Bible say about emotions and feelings? Hey, family! Life’s like this big rollercoaster of emotions, right? We’re talking joy, heartache, love—every feeling in the book! It’s a wild ride, and it’s all there in the good ol’ Bible. The Bible isn’t just about rules and stories; it’s God speaking to us about … Read more

Honesty And Faith: What Does God Say About Cheating?

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What’s the divine take on cheating? It’s like a high-stakes game we all play at some point, but are the odds in our favor when it comes to God’s perspective? In the good book and other sacred writings, we’re faced with tales and teachings that tackle this age-old issue. From the slick deception that leads … Read more

Self-Help: Unpacking The “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” In He Bible Idea

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“God helps those who help themselves in the Bible?” We’ve all heard it, right? It’s like a spiritual nugget of wisdom, encouraging us to get up and take charge of our lives. But let’s break it down. This catchy phrase? Well, it didn’t actually originate in the Bible. It’s more like a guest that made … Read more

Breaking Bread: How Often Should You Take Communion According To The Bible

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Ever wondered, how often should you take communion according to the Bible? It’s like asking how often you should call your mom to say, “I love you.” Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, it’s like our spiritual family dinner with Jesus. Imagine the Bible as our recipe book for life, and in 1 Corinthians 11:23–26, we … Read more

Aspiring To Greatness: How To Become A God According To Scripture

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How to Become a God: Now that’s a question, fam, right? It’s like this age-old dream we’ve all had, trying to hit that divine level. Picture it as a journey, walking through history and cultures, all aiming for that god-status. See, it’s not just a magic trick. We’re talking deep stuff, fam, diving into spiritual … Read more

God’S Love And Human Trials: If God Loves Us Why Do Bad Things Happen?

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If God Loves Us, Why Do Bad Things Happen? Now, folks, this is a question that’s been keeping us up at night, right? It’s like trying to understand the mysteries of the universe. Why, in the midst of all that divine love, do we face the storms of suffering? Imagine this: it’s like standing in … Read more

Divine Emotions Unveiled: If Jealousy Is A Sin Why Is God Jealous

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If God hates jealousy, why is He a jealous God? This here is a real head-scratcher, y’all. Jealousy, when it’s us humans feelin’ it, it’s often a red flag, a sin. But then, the Bible says God’s got this thing called divine jealousy. What’s up with that? So, let’s break it down like this: You … Read more

Forbidden Language: What Curse Words Are In The Bible?

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What’s the deal with curse words in the Bible, folks? I mean, it’s a question that can make you raise an eyebrow, right? In our world of colorful language, the Bible, our guide to life, throws us some curveballs. So, let’s take a ride into the biblical rollercoaster of words and see what’s what. Now, … Read more

Divine Expectations Unveiled: What Does God Require Of Us?

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What does God require of us, fam? It’s not some mystery locked in an ancient tome but a living truth! In the book of Deuteronomy, at 10:12, we’re handed a divine GPS to navigate this journey. Think of it like your best friend giving you directions to their house. They’re not just words; it’s the … Read more

Living In His Footsteps: How To Live Like Jesus

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How to Live Like Jesus? In this fast-paced world of ours, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. But let me tell you, my friends, we can still walk in the footsteps of Jesus today. You might wonder, “How to live like Jesus in this crazy world?” Well, think of Jesus as the … Read more